Landscaping Update {Friday Refresh}

We made it to Friday! I haven’t done a Friday Refresh in awhile. That’s not because there haven’t been any changes around here though. In the two years that we’ve lived in our house we have focused mainly on the interior renovations that needed to be done (and then redone in some cases). This past April we had some flooding that resulted in all of the flooring being redone (most of which was already brand new), a total gut job to the main bathroom, and asbestos removal. Things already look very different than they did even in this first-ever Friday Refresh.

Because the inside of the house has been priority number one, the landscaping has been all but neglected during this time. I finally decided that this was one thing we could have someone else come do for us. I am so glad that we did!

Flower bed with fall color

My main objective was cleaning things up so the pops of color were just a bonus. The trees that were planted in this bed before were just not suitable in their height or placement, plus they were badly in need of trimming. Here is a before photo:

Overgrown flower bed before clean up

Here are a few more before and after photos of some of the other beds around the yard. They look so much better cleaned up, but of course I’m already thinking about what to add for more color and pop.

Before & after of front yard landscaping clean up

Before & after flower bed clean up

This is not a sponsored post, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Thanks to Mike Burney’s GreenCo for their great work and exceptional service. Not only did they quote me five times less what other companies quoted, they are capable, experienced and conduct themselves in a very professional manner. Check them out on Facebook if you’re in Northwest Arkansas and need landscaping help.







3 thoughts on “Landscaping Update {Friday Refresh}

  1. Hello Julianne, thank you for publishing this article about our services. Business is really picking up for the 2017 spring season, and we are always eager to notify our valued customers about our seasonal color design and installation services. Please visit our NEW website to learn about new services and promotional offers we are providing this spring in Northwest Arkansas! Thanks again Julianne, we really appreciate your business and we love hearing good things about our landscape problem solving services from awesome clients!

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for the updates. I’m sure you already have, but please be sure to contact my neighbor who paid you in advance for your lawn care services.

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